Hanami 100 - 2012

 HANAMI N°100 
« Invisible hanami »

hanami-100-1.jpg hanami-100-2.jpg hanami-100-3.jpg hanami-100-4.jpg

       Numbers are very important in my work and it seemed to me that I had to mark this symbolic stage in this series in a special way. So I decided to push even farther the logic which underlies this series: Dispersal:

      My practice indeed consists in working separately small squares of papers which I gather then on a canvas. This time, the pieces of paper (among 100) will never be collected and we shall never know what looks like this "ghost" picture, which exists nevertheless well and truly but which finds itself so dematerialized.

       I am going to put these fragments (that I worked as usuall as  if each of them was an independent picture) on sale for a very moderate sum, this to scatter them farthest possible some of the others. Each of these details is numbered in the back and can be considered as an independent work. I also wanted to make modest one reference to the Zen philosophy by recovering herring barrel square of a white tissue paper then a dark red envelope (the light being "inside"). 

       Free then to every buyer to keep the mystery on the detail which belongs to him or her, or to open the envelope, even to frame the fragment.

       It is about a performance which will end when the last square will be sold (in other end of the world I hope and if it is in Japan, it will still be better!)


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